10 reasons to celebrate if you are still single

13 Jun

Dating game can be discouraging and tiresome. It can be so stressful that you forget that you are a happy woman just because. Here is a little article to give you a friendly pat on the shoulder, because you are happy already! You will have someone significant very soon, meanwhile you can celebrate:

1. Freedom. You are free and can do everything to pamper yourself. Your home is arranged the way you want and if you want to watch that romantic movie tonight you do not have to check with anyone. And if you want to cry while watching that movie, you do not have to care how do you look. You can just whale away. And you do not have to fight for the remote when you need some TV fix!

2. Choices. You have infinite choices. You can date any guy because you do not have to free up that boyfriend’s spot. You can embark on a guilt free session of daydreaming about dating the hottest celebrity or that cute guy from the other department. Feeling horny? Take that hot guy with rippled abs home!

3. It is all about you. You have everything to yourself: time, space and attention. You can relax at home completely. It is your space. Want to wear underwear around the house – go for it. Cold? Put that comfy track suit on! Want to sleep in or stay up late? Go for it! Need to wax or apply that mask. Feel free. You do not have to lock yourself up in the bathroom or wait for him to leave the house.

4. Your money. You can spend money the way you want. You do not have to think about spending money for presents and outings. Or pay for the gifts to his friends and family.

5. No drama. Does he loveyou? Does he not? Will he call? Will he ever pick up his dirty socks? No heartache, no dumping or being dumped. You do not have to worry about it. Your life is drama free. If you want drama, you read newspaper or watch news.

6. Ultimate control. You are master of everything. You do not have to compromise. You do not have to plan convenient date to meet your friends. You do not have to check with anybody if you got a great offer at work and have to move interstate. Only you decide what do you want waxed and when.

7. Habits. The only mess you have to clean up is your own. Nobody will ever bother you with their unhygienic habits because your habits are all hygienic and even cute. And you do not have to change your habits for anyone, waking up when you do not feel like or go to bed after 9 if you do not feel like it.

8. Your staff. You have to think only about your own staff: your dinner, your career, your debts, your pleasures, your weight, your bed, your dreams, your future, your happiness.

9. Your own mental well-being. You do not have to worry about things you cannot control: Does he love his ex more? What does he want? What does his family and friends think of you? When will he finally propose? When he decides to get rid of that stupid car/job/computer/insert your own? Is he ready to start a family? What can we do together that we’ll both enjoy? Should we get fish tank, cat or dog? You can learn about yourself. You’re left to think about makes you happy and what’s important to you.

10. Happiness. You can concentrate on making yourself happy and know exactly what should be done to make it happen. You have complete control over your mood. How hard is it to be happy when your partner is sad or angry or anxious? You do not have to be affected by his mood or at the very least feel guilty for being happy even though he is angry about something! Being singlemeans you are not responsible for cheering up someone who is better left alone.

In any case, you are beautiful, proud and patient woman who does not sell herself short and go for “Mr not so right but very convenient”.

And that is another great reason to celebrate!


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