Sid Mallya goes to west…

10 Jun

Sid Mallya, if he so chose, could easily get his foot into the Bollywood door, thanks to the Mallya name. Instead, he’s headed to L.A. to further his career. Why’s he skipping Bollywood? Here’s what he said:

Sid Mallya says: “It would be way too easy for me do anything here. And as soon as something becomes too simple, I lose interest. I have been fortunate to be born into this family. It is a great platform and I am not denying that it opens up a lot of doors. I am not ashamed of it. But I am not content to be just another Mallya.”

So instead, he’s taking the harder route and trying to make it big in the West instead. As for what he’s actually going to pursue, we’re not sure – but there are rumors about films, TV shows and endorsements. Either way, here’s wishing him all the best in his endeavors!

Psst, did you know he just got a tattoo? It’s his birthday, May 7th, 1987, in roman numerals!


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